BT Project - Digital transformation

Role: Lead researcher responsible for onboarding manufacturing companies to join BT’s list of customers, including those with extreme working environments such as oil rigs, mining sites, and the likes of Rolls-Royce who create jet engines.

Accomplishments: My work led to the signing of multiple new customer contracts, as well as the creation of bespoke service offerings which led to an increase in NPS scores, and allowed customers with extreme working environments to be onboarded onto BT’s systems, with a 5 year contract period.

Innovating in Complexity: Crafting Seamless Solutions through Strategic Collaboration and Insightful Design.

Recognising the absence of prior research to understand customer needs, I took the initiative to bridge this gap. The challenge lay in the exceptionally complex working environments of our customers, ranging from mining sites to oil rigs and remote desert locations. To streamline the process and avoid burdening customers with queries that should have already been addressed internally, I collaborated closely with customer representatives and senior leadership.

By working closely with internal customer representatives and leadership, we navigated through the intricacies of diverse working environments, uncovering insights that informed the subsequent design process.

Human-Centric Precision: Validating Design Solutions through Immersive User Research in High-Stakes Environments.

The validation of personas through user research and workshops became instrumental in aligning our design solutions with the real-world needs and challenges faced by our customers and their employees. By delving into the practicalities of system usage on the ground, we gained nuanced insights into the consequences of technology disruptions and the critical nature of uninterrupted communication channels in high-stakes environments.

This involved exploring the repercussions of system downtimes on daily operations, identifying workarounds employed during service outages, and understanding the critical nature of technology with close to 100% uptime, such as communication channels like phones and online services, essential for ensuring health and safety in high-risk working environments.

Dynamic Solutions: Tailoring Service Flows for Varied Landscapes and Extreme Environments.

Rather than embedding solutions directly into the product, the approach revolved around extracting insights from workshops and user research. These insights became the building blocks for a unique service flow wrap, delineating how BT would engage with customers, starting from the initial stages of sales and pitches, including contractual aspects, and extending all the way to the installation and maintenance of their services.

The uniqueness of this approach lay in its adaptability. The service offering aimed to be exceptionally flexible, recognizing the distinct requirements of each customer. Simultaneously, it incorporated pre-planned solutions to cater to the specific needs of customers operating in extreme environments, such as oil rigs, remote desert locations, and mining sites.

The ultimate goal was not just to meet customer expectations but to exceed them by anticipating and proactively addressing their ever-evolving needs.

Strategic Synthesis: Elevating Product Excellence through Comprehensive Design Evaluation and User-Centric Validation.

My primary focus was on crafting a product that seamlessly met all the necessary criteria. This encompassed a comprehensive evaluation of functionalities, information delivery to customers, visibility into the array of services offered by BT, and the intricate interplay between these services and the product.

A key emphasis was on pre-emptively addressing potential issues, automating flagging processes, and streamlining device replacement procedures. By actively involving customers in the validation process, I ensured that the resulting wireframes and functionalities were not only technically sound but also aligned closely with the practical needs and expectations of the end-users, fostering the creation of a product that truly resonated with their operational requirements.

Harmonising Solutions: Integrating Incident Management and Service Intelligence for Seamless Issue Identification and Resolution.

Orchestrated a seamless amalgamation of the incident management and service intelligence products within the customer portal. Through strategic design, the integration aimed to empower customers by allowing them to effortlessly flag potential issues and downtimes with the service.

The synergy between the incident management and service intelligence products was not merely conceptual but manifested as a tangible solution, complete with automated processes to streamline effort and optimise communication levels. This integration facilitated the efficient handling of incidents, whether automatically flagged by the system or manually raised by customers, showcasing a user-centric approach that prioritised both ease of use and effective communication in addressing potential service disruptions.

Building Excellence: Transformative Insights Shaping the Cornerstones of BT's Service Evolution.

In the research phases of this transformative project, my team and I were committed to establishing a robust foundation that would fundamentally reshape BT's service offerings. Drawing from three months of intensive research, our goal was to seamlessly integrate the lessons learned into every facet of how BT engages with customers.

This holistic approach aimed at identifying and fortifying the weakest points in service offerings, ensuring adaptability to customer needs at every stage of the service lifecycle.

Transforming Customer Experience: Revolutionising Quotation, Onboarding, and Billing for Unparalleled Service Excellence.

Significant changes were implemented, particularly in the quotation phase, where historical unknowns left customers in the dark for extended periods. We addressed this by refining the quotation process, providing customers with essential information to set realistic budgets.

The onboarding process underwent a paradigm shift, offering a customisable service tailored to individual customer needs, complete with add-ons to enhance service packages. Delivery and commission phases were optimized to empower customers to configure their services upfront, avoiding post-installation adjustments.

The strategic positioning of billing as the final step aimed to establish positive customer relationships from the outset, building trust and ensuring a seamless journey from inception to ongoing service support. This holistic transformation laid the groundwork for a service offering that not only meets but anticipates and exceeds customer expectations at every turn.

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