Hi, I’m Masih.

Experienced Designer, adept at crafting impactful, user-centric solutions across diverse industries including media, SaaS, consultancy, B2B, B2C, and in-house application development. Skilled in project leadership, team management, and product refinement to drive revenue growth and enhance customer satisfaction.

My approach combines data-driven analysis and comprehensive user research to identify and address key challenges. I specialise in generating innovative ideas aligned with product vision and business objectives, leveraging techniques such as discovery workshop facilitation to chart a clear path to success for both the product and the business while providing the best uncompromised experience possible for end users.


BT Project

As a Lead Experience Designer, I oversaw the transition of BT systems to the premier SaaS platform, Service Now. I orchestrated more than 50 workshops, conducted over 30 hours of user research sessions, and unravelled complex issues to streamline BT’s operations.

I spearheaded the UX team within the service assurance group, synchronized my team's quarterly goals with the product roadmap, lent support to 14 squads for enterprise-wide objective realignment, and delivered product improvements and adjustments to the product development crew, guided by user research.

Project snapshots

Identifying customer journey low points

Identified requirements through journey mapping workshops. Used to demo to stakeholders and internal teams for product transition requirements.




Incident management experience

Vastly reduced the amount of work needed from all personas to get issues resolved. Led to a 50% reduction in effort for all persona journeys.

Complex problems simplified

Leveraged a deep comprehension of processes to streamline operations, aligning to business goals. Used to create service blueprint for the product.

Data-driven decision making

Analysed customer behaviour through research to make informed product enhancements. Used to create priority matrix for product feature roll-outs.

Scalability and reliability

Made product enhancements that ensures product growth without sacrificing performance. Led to creation of roll-out plan for 5000+ clients.

Revenue generation, Product and OKRs

Staged product roll-out and enhancements that support OKRs to generate revenue through UX. Used to reduce retention costs by £250k a year.

BT project

I spearheaded the investigation for BT's Big Bets initiative, aiming to recruit manufacturing firms to join BT's network, particularly those operating in extreme conditions such as oil platforms, mining operations, and companies like Rolls-Royce that manufacture jet engines.

My role in the project involved dissecting BT's existing services, creating a timeline to illustrate the current vs targeted onboarding process, and overseeing stakeholders, clientele, and customers.

My contributions facilitated the securing of multiple new client contracts and the development of custom service packages, these results amplified NPS ratings, and facilitated the integration of customers with high-intensity work environments into BT's systems, all under a contractual term of 5 years.

Project snapshots

Future mapping customer needs

Led workshops with customers to gauge an overall understanding of their needs. Helped outline unique identifiers for problems and improvements.

Collaboration with industry leaders

Set up 3-day workshops with the ex-CEO of Nestle’s manufacturing sites. Led to genius solutions that helped un-tangle the bottle-necked project areas.



Identifying disconnects via storyboards

Used customer research insights to create storyboards for onboarding processes. Led to clear indicators for disconnects for onboarding journey.

Customer 1

Customer 2

Low complexity

High complexity

Customisable services for customers

Led the creation of a new service offering, customisable by customers, which increased BT’s reach to various global manufacturing markets.

Inventory items


Device health

Planned work

Holistic view of services at all times

Collaborated with customers to ideate on an iteration of BT’s product, used to showcase a bird’s eye view of services, outages, inventory and more.

Generated a 2 year production backlog

All insights, designs and the creation of the service flow wrap helped create a product roadmap, with room for iteration, accounting for customer needs.

Saga project - prototypes included

As a Senior UX Designer, I was tasked with crafting and enhancing the user experiences within our company. My fundamental responsibility was to conceptualize fresh strategies to bolster our business' profits, boost site visits, and refine SEO along with Google search results.

This was accomplished through diligent user studies, comprehensive data analysis, and mindful design of information architecture.

Project snapshots

Continuous architecture improvements

Reviewed multiple back-end properties, understanding process vs internal user needs. Implemented new, ever-green Wordpress features.

Product Object

Feedback type




Research repository & tagging system

Worked on setting up a new research repository, that complimented back-end product objects. Innovative tagging solution for research repository.






Requirement workshops driven by OKRs

Led stakeholder workshops to gather requirements based on quarterly OKRs. Led to clear task based, iterative to-do objectives for sprint user stories.

Google Search


#1 result

SEO and Google search optimisation

Collaborated with subject matter experts to ideate on the website could be better optimised for SEO. Led to redesigns of multiple pages and elements.


Affiliated article


Website traffic manipulation

Cleverly manipulated highest sources of website traffic to increase sign-up rate for other newsletters, via their respective modal sign-up processes.

WordPress integration

Preflight Button

Generated tasks

Internal pre-flight checking system

Designed CMS and WordPress pre-flight checks for articles. Helped increase affiliate linking OKR from 0.2% to 1%, revenue, and quality of all articles.

Virtusa project

As a Lead Experience Designer on the banking app project for Virgin Money. This undertaking was an effort to secure approval and win Virgin Money’s bid to develop their banking software.

In this role, I had the opportunity to jointly lead the establishment of standards and requirements for what a banking application must include, as well as defining the tone and character of Virgin Money’s communication to its users.

This digital solution also enhances Virgin Media’s ability to promote other products and services from its expansive commercial network. Even with the pressure of a 24-hour deadline, we succeeded in producing a working prototype encompassing the features outlined in the project description, and more, all set for the pitch presentation.

Project snapshots




Monthly spending overview

A holistic view of the user’s monthly spending, allowing users to view analytics, cancel or renew monthly outgoings and subscriptions.

Paid for bill

Split the bill

A smarter way to split a transaction

Designed journeys that would allow users to split a bill with friends and family. Done through a 4 taps, which sends a request to the chosen recipient.

Rewarding users with Loyalty points

Designed loyalty deals and points, allowing users to build up points and spend it with Virgin Money partners, as well as add their own loyalty cards.

Built in digital wallet with no restrictions

Created a digital wallet that would compliment the loyalty system. Allowing users to add their payment and loyalty cards, ready to be used on their device.

Exclusive deals for Virgin Money users

Exclusive deals for Virgin Money users. This helped showcase how we could create incentives to onboard more users, that benefits users and VM.

Generating revenue via Cross-selling

Strategically designed flows that took advantage of the vast business areas of Virgin, allowing for cross-selling of other services to maximise app revenue.

Zerolight Project (NDA)

Lead UX Designer - SpotLight Suite

Being the Lead designer on Zerolight's 3D cloud visualization instrument, my duties revolved around upholding the design systems, executing expert UX evaluations, holding user research meetings, and teaming up with the product director and design overseer to build future product roadmaps.

My contributions helped advance applications from the preliminary stages towards constructing a solid framework, harnessed by in-house teams and vehicle manufacturers like VW.

This project is under NDA; nonetheless, I'm excited to present a showcase deck to exemplify some of the work I carried out at ZeroLight. Feel free to contact me if you wish to explore more. On another note, I can delve deeper into my responsibilities and accomplishments during the interview process.

Project snapshots

Design Systems

with a complete new UI

Released in

14+ global markets

Used to create vehicle adverts for the Football World Cup

Ability to create

Domes, HDRs and Backplates

12 Apps, 1 Product

SpotLight Suite

Data Analytics

To drive design decisions

Refined UX process

Design Thinking



User Testing

Image Credit: Wope App

Accessibility pass

SpotLight Suite went through an accessibility pass

to ensure usability was in line with our high expectations


Here’s what people are saying about me

Eewei Chen

Director of Design and UX

Masih is one of the most creative designers I have had the pleasure to work with. He is fast, diligent and always full of ideas. A real asset to any design and agile squad team plus a real pleasure to work with.

Ross Andrews

Head of UX and Product Lead

Masih led on a number of projects, synthesising research, facilitating workshops, delivering user-stories for development. He'll be an asset to any team, both contributing to a positive culture and delivering results.

Ross Curtis

Chief Product Officer

Personable, caring, and attentive. He has designed and coordinated several critical features for our customers and editorial team, which have solved meaningful user problems whilst improving business performance.

Ricky Davenport

Full Stack Developer & Front-end Specialist

He brings a remarkable level of creativity to his designs, conducts thorough research, and is a fantastic collaborator. His abilities along with his artistic flare, make him an invaluable member of any project.

Matt Chambers

Lead Experience Designer

He's extremely easy to work with. He can extract value from carefully crafted workshops and possesses the analytical mind you need to solve complex problems. He would be a valuable asset to any organisation.

Cameron Stace

Senior UX Designer

He’s got an inspiring enthusiasm for product design and an awesome demeanour which just instantly gives you the confidence that together you’re going to produce some great work - I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.

A little about me

Long story, short.

Curiosity was my super power when I was little. To explore, and in some cases, break the nice stuff my dad bought me to see how I could change it.

Today, that curiosity helps me experiment, learn and innovate, along with my team mates to find better solutions that could pave the way for a better product, user experience, and business turn-over.

I like socialising with friends, have an uncontrollable smile, and I’m bad at golf. Recently started a journey to become healthier. I listen to Diary of a CEO and love learning about other cultures.

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