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Role: Senior UX Designer, responsible for designing and improving internal and external user journeys. My overall role was to create new ways to increase business revenue, drive website traffic and optimise SEO and google search results, through user research, data analytics, and thoughtful hierarchy design practices..

Accomplishments: Made improvents to achieve 90%+ core web vital scores, 1.5 million monthly sessions and growing, 70% engagement rate, 5:25 average engagement times, 500k quarterly organic search sessions and growing, 85% ad viewability, 3 ad impressions per pageview, 1 million monthly affiliate views, 85% UMUX score.

Strategic SEO Enhancement: Transforming Author Bios and Website Design for Business-Oriented Traffic Surge.

I collaborated closely with subject matter experts to brainstorm innovative approaches for optimizing our website's SEO, aligning with crucial business Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for the quarter. The primary objective was to amplify website traffic, and the first step involved a meticulous examination to identify areas with potential for optimization.

Through collaborative workshops, we pinpointed Author bios and profiles as a key focus area. Recognizing the significance of credibility in a content-driven platform like, we aimed to enhance the presentation of author information, reinforcing their expertise in the subject matter. This not only served to build trust with the audience but also contributed significantly to SEO optimization.

Elevating Web Presence: SEO Optimisation by Design Overhauls Aligned with Business Objectives.

The optimisation effort extended beyond individual bios to a comprehensive redesign of the website's About Us page. This served as a strategic opportunity to showcase expertise through multiple avenues, contributing not only to a more engaging user experience but also enhancing SEO effectiveness.

Moreover, the redesign efforts encompassed the creation of standardized product objects in the website's backend. This strategic move allowed for the seamless integration of redesigned elements across multiple aspects of the website, ensuring a consistent impact and effectively aligning with the overarching business OKRs. The collective changes, centred around Author bios, website design, and backend optimisations, worked synergistically to not only meet but exceed the targeted increase in website traffic, marking a successful alignment with our business goals for the quarter.

Cross-selling Products: Author Byline Configurations to Cross-Sell Saga Magazines.

In this project, my focus was on a strategic redesign of the author byline elements on author pages, introducing an innovative feature—magazine subscriptions. The objective was not only to enhance user engagement but also to cleverly cross-sell other Saga products in a non-intrusive manner.

The placement of these elements underwent meticulous consideration, strategically positioned to target a broad user base encompassing everyone who visited the page. This deliberate placement aimed to mitigate the risk of users clicking off pages prematurely, ensuring that even those who read only a portion of the content would be exposed to the magazine subscriptions.

By strategically integrating cross-selling elements within the author bylines, the redesigned pages facilitated a more seamless and effective approach to promoting Saga's magazines.

Website Traffic Manipulation: Using the Most Active Journeys to Promote Other Products.

Recognising the high traffic and user engagement associated with the Sign Up modal for the Secret Puzzles, a strategic opportunity emerged to leverage this platform for greater exposure to other newsletters.

With the Quick Thinker Newsletter driving significant traffic and clicks, especially for users eager to play weekly secret puzzles, we implemented a one-click sign-up process within the Puzzle Page modal. This process, though entirely optional, served as a seamless entry point for users to explore and subscribe to additional newsletters offered by Saga.

The clever use of brand colours played a crucial role in enhancing the user experience. By strategically employing distinct colours to separate actions within the sign-up modal, we not only ensured clarity but also conducted usability testing to validate and refine the approach.

Empowering Authors: Pre-flight Checks and Quality Control within WordPress, Automated.

The Pre-flight Checks project aimed at enhancing the quality control methods used by the content and author teams, with a specific focus on elevating the user experience for our internal authors within WordPress. I initiated this project by conducting user research with the management team, gaining insights into their article quality checks and aligning these insights with our Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and WordPress capabilities.

Through ideation workshops, a solution emerged in the form of a button that automated the scanning of articles, providing real-time suggestions for improvements. This innovative feature included mandatory tasks essential for article publication and optional tasks beneficial for the business, allowing flexibility for different use cases.

For instance, the customization enabled the exclusion of certain tasks, like Affiliate Linking, in specific contexts, such as pages with existing affiliates or sponsors. This strategic approach not only automated and improved the article quality control process but also empowered authors with a user-friendly interface within WordPress, aligning seamlessly with the broader objectives of the UX team and contributing to the achievement of our OKRs.

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